Summer Shop Temporary Shutdown Aug 19th - Sept 20th

Summer Shop Temporary Shutdown Aug 19th - Sept 20th

For those who may not know, I am Travis and I started UC a couple years ago

This year of growth has been great and unprecedented and underestimated!

If the shop is shutdown you have most likely followed a link here for an explanation. 

Here Is the Explanation that is Due:

Currently it is only my Girlfriend (who has a career of her own) and myself running the shop. We expected it to expand and grow, but not this fast.

The Past 6 months order volume doubled twice. and though we are both thankful for it we need to restructure the shop internally. I have many times been advised to increase the prices and use that as a strategy to decrease the volume to a manageable rate. That however doesn't sit right with me.

I have planned strategy's for increasing production and where I am falling short is time. I have been doing my best to accomplish all the things in a first in and first out manner, but the system is breaking down due to task saturation on my end. Orders need ran, QC'd and Hand finished. just those are fully saturating my time at the moment. to the point where I am behind on orders.

During this time I am going to be able to catch up on the orders as well as working on the machines that I am building to keep up/surpass production needs. I have the first new one almost ready, I have been slowly working on it in the background, but it now needs dedicated time and effort without interruption. This machine is going to be the template for the other identical 4 following this one. The first machine in line will greatly alleviate production stresses as it is now. I found second hand machines that were used to produce parts for the medical industry, and am replacing all the wear parts as well as reintegrating new modern controls to match everything else I have in my shop. I have been putting my robot system and machine building background to good use in this case. These are machines that are stronger, Faster, and more accurate than our current machines by far. If the final result of these machines had to be purchased from a company like Datron it would cost about 7 figures for all 5 machines. This is why I am more than happy to build these machines and have the ability to roll cost savings into UC's products while never sacrificing quality. Also there are bonus points for being able to quickly and economically repair these machines because I know them inside and out.

Lastly there were family medical issues that also slowed down production. As many of you are understanding in this, there are somethings in life that take precedence over others, and in this case there was no one else to step in in the moment to help. So I did what I had to and still do though now I have help and I am much thankful for it.

I look forward opening up the shop again at the end of September, and though not everything will be accomplished in a months time I look forward to being able to finally relax my mind and empty it of many the worries that have built up that I could not attend to due to not having enough time.

Also there are products that are ready that we may be able to finally release. I have held back many products due to not having enough extra capacity to keep up with even more orders.

So during this time you may see some products show back up in the store here and there. Why that will be is after I catch up on orders, I may not want to let the machines sit idle and if I have the extra attention and time I will produce, maybe existing products, maybe new products.

Keep an eye on social media for these updates

If you have any questions about existing orders please email and we will get back to you.

Thankyou All!

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