About Us

The Man Behind the Scenes: I, Travis Mashburn, am currently a one man show. My experience with computer modeling and machining carbon started in 2015 - which was when I began machining Carbon fiber into FPV drones. During this time I also began working in automation. First it was maintaining automated systems at a production plant and then it was designing custom robot systems at Industrial Robotix. Throughout my career in automation I kept a machine shop at home. In early 2019 I set a time limit for myself to quit my very stable job designing and building robot systems to start something of my own. This is how Unlocked Composites (UC) was born.

How it all Began: Unlocked Composites started from looking at a set of car keys and noticing how uninspiring, plastic, and cheap it looked and felt in the hand. We decided this standard was no longer acceptable for us. First we decided to make a custom, durable key fob that does justice to our cars and ourselves. Something you don’t just need to carry, but something you would want to, and be proud to carry everyday.

What started off as a simple key redesign of a key has turned into so much more. We have carbon fiber products including our custom knife scales, key chains, bottle openers, and more continuing to grow product lines everyday. Someday we will get back to the keys - but for now, making custom knife scales is our main focus. 

The Shop: As of December 2021; we have many machines including, three 3axis mills, two 4 axis Origin machines, one 5 axis Origin machine, a ScienScope XT2000 optical measuring machine, a structured light 3D Scanner, and myself. All of which are used together to make sure that all products leaving our shop are given the proper attention they deserve. After the design and machining process, products go through a multi-step quality control process before being shipped.

The shop is always changing and improving and sometimes it changes quickly. This year we fully integrated a machine top to bottom with custom controls. This looks to be the current direction UC is going. One by one, machines will be overhauled and optimized to further push finishes and high tolerances.

All of Unlocked Composites carbon fiber products and accessories are proudly designed and machined in the USA in Youngstown Ohio.

| Our Products |

Custom Carbon Fiber Handle Scales for the Following Knife Brands:

Custom Scales for Benchmade Knives Custome Scales for Civivi Knives Custom Scales for Kizer Knives Custom Scales for WE Knives

Custom Carbon Fiber Key Chains for the Following Car Brands:


| Why do we use Carbon Fiber? |

We use carbon fiber because SIMPLY it is GREAT!

Initially we pushed our material to its limits with the creation of high speed drones. From this, we learned to design to its rigidness as well as its flexibility. It’s a pinnacle material, designed to go places no other material could.

Carbon fiber is a high quality material that is strong, lightweight, and extremely durable. The way we work with our materials, allows for it to stand apart from all the other carbon fiber out there.

| More about Unlocked Composites |

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