We are BACK!

We are BACK!

Everything is fired back up and what has been changed is running very smooth.

It felt like an absolutely huge gamble and we put a ton of time and money into the shop. So far so good.

I know we've been quiet and slow moving for past few months. For that I apologize but it wasn't for nothing. What I want to do with UC is to be able to offer products that are specific to what people want and are highly variable. Some of that already exists in the market. The differing factor is I want to make them affordable and to be made in not a sub 4 day turnaround time.

That's where this became a tall order and hard to accomplish. I could see it was able to be done but there wasn't exactly a road map to do it. Within these months we felt like we were drinking from firehose, and the cherry on top of that was sprinkling in some family crisis'. UC could not expand the way that we were running. The processes we designed to handle the original volumes had become like a bone that when broken and was mended in the wrong. We can make good products but only in small volume.

The processes weren't running smoothly, I wasn't sleeping, and there was no way in heck that I was able to delegate what I was doing to another person the shop without cloning myself. There was so much kept up in my head that it wasnt scalable. So to fix this problem we had to rebreak the bone to set it straight. We had to change most all the processes, we reorganized the shop so that more people can work in it. And processes flowed around the shop rather than zigzagging across it. we finished the first of the "dream machines" and for the past month I've been refining and debugging the new equipment. It was functioning perfectly fine but it's reliability wasn't where we needed it to be. You can't fix the car while you drive it. It is now fully debugged and has been running production flawlessly.

Hindsight being 20/20 this took way longer than expected. This is a result of a perpetual optimistic mindset which can definitely get me in trouble sometimes. We also spend way more than we expected lol. But the end result is that the bone has been set straight and we have room to grow and meet demand.

I ran the new equipment all day today with no hiccups and for the time that we ran in 6 hours of that run time we accomplished what would have taken 20 hours of work. We did it more accurately and we did it without stress, without tweaks, it just ran perfect.

So tomorrow (01/09/23) I want to hop on twitch live and talk with everybody in the group. We're going to set some milestones of what we want released next in line and I'll be announcing the things I have ready right now. Plus we can talk about a bunch of updates, such as new materials we're releasing etc.

6:00 p.m. Eastern standard Time tomorrow


Thank You,

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