OFFAXIS Rehex Carbon Fiber Scales for Knafs Lander 2

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Introducing Our New Instant Ship Drops

We're excited to share a new approach we’re taking this year. Due to some challenges with our made-to-order process, we've decided to try something different: limited stock releases that allow us to refine our made to order workflow.

Explore the OFFAXIS Collection: A Bold Leap Beyond Conventional Design

Our OFFAXIS line represents a radical departure from traditional machining practices. Each piece in this collection challenges the norms, requiring more intricate design and precise manufacturing. As you delve deeper into the details of these designs, the uniqueness and complexity become strikingly apparent. These aren't just products; they're testaments to us pushing our boundaries further.

You'll find solutions for accessory placements too—the locations for tweezers and toothpicks are interchangeable. Just a tip: the tweezers are on the "Knafs" side and the toothpick on the "WIUG" side.

You can find these options easily in our dropdown menus.

If you're curious about how these are made, you can watch the machining process live on our Twitch channel.

Everything is designed and made by us here in Youngstown, OH. We take pride in our craftsmanship and are glad to share our process with you.